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Hydraulic Oil 32 & 68

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Me Cool Hydraulic Oil 32 and 68 are premium quality, high performance hydraulic oils developed to meet the demand
for environmentally acceptable hydraulic fluids. The products are based on synthetic, readily biodegradable
esters. A high-performance, carefully selected additive package provides excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure
(EP) properties as well as good thermal stability and corrosion protection. Inherently strong oxidation resistance
helps to prevent gumming and deposit formation even at high temperatures. Because of the high natural VI of the
base fluid and low pour point, the viscosity-temperature behavior allows for a very wide operating temperature
range. Me Cool Hydraulic Oil 32 and 68 provide excellent wide temperature range performance. Their exceptional
anti-wear, lubricity and film strength characteristics assure performance in hydraulic and circulation systems operating
under moderate to severe conditions. The ready biodegradability and virtually non-toxic nature of these
products make them an excellent choice where leakage or spillage could enter environmentally sensitive areas. The
inadvertent leakage of spillage of this product in environmentally sensitive areas could result in easier clean-up and
lower remediation costs.
Hydraulic Oil 32
& 68